At 29th March in collaboration with SPE Moscow section we held  joint Energy4me seminar. For SPE Moscow section it was first experience of participation in this unique programme.  At first part of event school students visit the famous Museum of  Natural History of Moscow State University. Students of chapter told them about geology, structure of our planet and generation of hydrocarbons.

At second part Anastasiya Makarova (Continuous Education Director of SPE Moscow sectionÍž Schlumberger) told to school students about processes of exploration and production of oil and gas. Lecture was accompanied by special video.  At third part of event students of chapter show to guests experiments with real oil and real core samples. We demonstrated difference in density and viscosity of oil, process of core sampling and sorbtion of oil.

At the end of seminar small GeoMind Quiz (special quiz of our chapter) was organized. All school students got small presents from  Schlumberger.

All the people were really excited with experiments during the lecture. The result was really fantastic. All the school students had a  good motivation to gaining an experience in their personal studies  and projects.

Every Energy4me event delivers a great impact on students in our 
chapter. During communication with school students we understood importance of our profession.  Moreover, when we try to explain some details in oil and gas industry  we improve our knowledge about common, but important facts about  large world of oil and gas.