"Oil: from the field to the consumer"

Videos of lections

Mission: Increase of students knowledge in Moscow State University, who studys on oil and gas programm. The acquisition of knowledge about oil industry, work in different direction, their cooperation.

Organizers: MSU SPE student chapter and cooperation of LLC "LUKOIL-Engineering", PJSC "LUKOIL" and LLC "LLK-International"




Resultsstudents who attended 70% lections, got certificate from "LUKOIL" of the knowledge acquired


November - December 2015

Lection 1
: "Vertically integrated oil companies of Russia: from Nobels to LUKOIL" and "Signals of future oil price that is drawn attention by the World economy "

Lection 2: "Petroleum systems: conception and application during oil and gas exploration "
Lection 3: "Geological structure of oil and gas fields on Caspian sea shelf "
4:  "Complex decision of fields development for effective production " and " Experience and perspectives of thermal-mining and surface development of Yarega field of high-viscosity oil 

February - April 2016

Lection 5: "Main principles of economical evaluation of fields development "
Lection 6: "Oil not fuel, we can fire paper money" D.Mendeleev "
Lection 7: "Coordination of oil-products sales" 
Lection 8: "Details of tax assesment in different countries "
Lection 9: "Project and structural funding of oil and gas projects"