From 19 to 22 of April The International Student Petroleum Congress & Career Expo ‘East meets West 2016’ is held in AGH University of science and technology in Krakow (Poland). For the first time members from MSU SPE student chapter were participated in this significant event. There were students from Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Belorussia, Greece, Romania, Kazakhstan and Russia besides our students. East meets West is a real meeting of different interesting people, where you can not only became acquainted with new friends, but share experiences, discover many news and facts both in official and in informal ambience.

Students Kudaev Artur and Ayupova Eliza had the luck to go to Krakow and make speech related topics: Artur told about "Studies of the properties of modern bottom sediments of Lake Baikal as part of a hydrocarbon system". Eliza told about "Geological and Ecological conditions of Volgograd underground gas storage". Reports attracted interest from other participants of the conference that questioned the colleagues after the performances during the coffee break.

Congress had been at the high level. Opening ceremony accompanied by speech of spokesman of large oil industry, for example, ORLEN Upstream, by speech of AGH University professors and little but memorable music program. Each participant gave the maximum attention by hospitable hosts conference. Time is carefree conference was held in a friendly atmosphere with the accompaniment of guides, who later became friends for the participants. Participants got acquainted with the city, which was formerly the capital of Poland, and has a rather interesting history. Friends of KNTU SPE Student Chapter and Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter made excellent company to our students.

Great interest was aroused among the participants of symposia materials devoted to modern technologies of drill bits and niceties of underwater fluid logistic.

Events of such scale is an excellent opportunity for students to share their achievements, meet with colleagues from other countries, make business contacts and spend time with fun in the unexplored country. Arthur and Eliza acknowledge SPE Moscow section for the opportunity to participate in an international congress.