November 19th marked a milestone for SPE student chapter in Moscow State University (MSU)! An ambitious and grandiose project started in MSU: series of 10 broad and accessible lectures about Oil & Gas industry - "Oil: from the field to the consumer", prepared with cooperation of LLC "LUKOIL-Engineering", PJSC "LUKOIL" and LLC "LLK-International". Such innovative project to be organized in Russia and Caspian region for the first time. This outstanding event attracted attention of a large number of students from other universities (Gubkin Russian State Oil &Gas University, MIPT, PFUR), and proved that gaining professional knowledge and career guidance from leading experts plays an important role in the foundation of a successful career.

An opening speech was given by the vice-president of the SPE student chapter Victor Pankov. Then the floor was passed to Korepanova Veronica - the Chairman of the Council of young scientists and specialists of the LLC "LUKOIL-Engineering". She introduced agenda of every lecture and also spoke about the significance and relevance of the lectures to be given in the course. 

The first lecture "Vertically integrated oil companies in Russia - from Nobel to LUKOIL" was conducted by Sergey Sergeev - the Head of the Museum PJSC"LUKOIL". The lecture was devoted to the important milestones in the history of origination and the development of oil and gas industry in Russia. The second lecture "Future oil price signals dictated by the world economy," was conducted by alumni of MSU economic faculty Khromchenko Alexander - leading expert of Department of analysis and monitoring of the mergers and acquisitions market from PJSC "LUKOIL". The presentation was very informative and provoked a series of questions which led to a discussion lately. This suggests that the knowledge and understanding of the historical aspects and current global economy of the oil and gas industry plays an important role in the formation of a specialist, plans to work in this field.

A series of 10 lectures "Oil from the field to the consumer" will give students a broad understanding of the whole Oil & Gas industry. All students attended more than 70 % of lectures will be given a certificate from PJSC "LUKOIL". Innovative project was started!