On the 14th of April a series of open lectures “Oil: from the field to the consumer”, organised by Moscow State University SPE student chapter has successfully finished. This project was held in close cooperation with LLC "LUKOIL-Engineering", PJSC "LUKOIL" and LLC "LLK-International". This project attracted a large number of students from different Universities, and and proved that development of professional knowledge orientation for students plays an important role in performing a successful career.

The project was a series of 11 lectures devoted to different spheres in oil and gas industry and their collaboration. Representatives of different departments of the largest private oil company in Russia - PJSC "LUKOIL" - were invited to conduct lectures on various topics. They gave a detailed account of their work in oil and gas industry, accompanying stories with presentations, colourful illustrations and videos. During Q&A session students were up to ask questions; authors of the best questions were awarded with memorable souvenirs - flash cards – from PJSC "LUKOIL". 

The first lecture was held on the 9th of November, 2015. Viktor Pankov, vice-president of SPE student chapter in Moscow State University, gave an opening speech at the beginning of the event. Afterwards, the word was given to Veronica Korepanova, Chairman of the Council of young scientists and specialists of LLC "LUKOIL-Engineering". She spoke about the importance and relevance of the upcoming lectures and announced a special prize for best asked questions.

First lecture entitled "Vertically integrated oil companies of Russia: from Nobel to LUKOIL" was given by Sergey Sergeev, the Head of PJSC "LUKOIL" Museum. The lecture was devoted to the formation of oil and gas industry in Russia and important industry milestones.

Second lecture headlined "Signals of future oil prices, sent by world economy," was performed by Alexander Khromtchenko, MSU Economics Faculty alumnus, leading marketing specialist in PJSC "LUKOIL". Presentations drew a lot of audience’s attention. Listeners asked many serious questions during the lecture. The dialog was the evidence of the fact that knowledge and understanding of current and historical aspects of the world economy in the oil and gas industry plays an important role in the formation of a specialist who plans to work in energy sector.

Third lecture of the course: "Oil systems: concept and application in exploration" was held on the 3rd of December. It was conducted by Vasiliy Kalabin, leading specialist of the lithologic-facies analysis of LLC "Lukoil-Engineering". The lecture was devoted to the features of oil and gas formation.

Fourth lecture headlined “Features of the geological structure of the Caspian Sea shelf deposits" was held on the same day. The talk was devoted to the features of the geological structure of fields in the Caspian Sea.

On the 10th of December Veronica Korepanova, leading engineer of design and analysis of the prospective deposits department in LLC "LUKOIL-Engineering", held a lecture on "Peculiarities of heavy oil and natural bitumen deposits development." She talked about the ways to set up a development of deposits in the system of horizontal wells.

The last in 2015 lecture was given by Alexander Lesnoy, head of geological-technical marine deposits development department. The lecture was devoted to complex approach to the hydrocarbon deposits research and their effective use.

The innovative project resumed its work after winter holidays break on the 25th of February. The lecture - "Basic principles of oil and gas deposits economic evaluation” - was conducted by Alexandra Petrova, a specialist from technical and economic evaluation department of LLC "LUKOIL-Engineering".

The next lecture was held under the title "Oil is not fuel - you can drown in banknotes. (DI Mendeleev)" on the 3rd of March by Denis Mironenko, manager at department of products development for equipment and machinery producers of "LLK-International". The lecture was about deep oil and oil-products processing and their effective use.

Another lecture on “Management of oil products sales” was held on the 24th March. It was prepared by Inna Birman, an expert from non-fuel products and services overseas department in PJSC "LUKOIL" and Alexey Romanov, leading specialist from oil products overseas sales department in PJSC "LUKOIL".

Irina Strokova, chief specialist at accounting department from PJSC "LUKOIL", held a lecture entitled "The aspects of Oil companies taxation" on the 3rd of March. She talked about the calculation of taxes and payment in oil and gas field.

The final lecture of the project was held by Sergey Nikitin, leading specialist of the Project and Structured Finance Department of PJSC "Lukoil" on the 14th of April. The talk was devoted to project financing.

All participants who had attended more than 70% of lectures received certificates from Ivan Agapitov, MSU SPE student chapter president and Veronica Korepanova, leading engineer of design and analysis of the prospective deposits department in LLC "LUKOIL-Engineering". More than 80 students from Moscow State University, Gubkin State University, RSGPU and PFUR received their certificates.

Ivan Agapitov, the president of MSU SPE student chapter, thanked the project lecturers and handed them certificates.

By tradition, at the end of the lecture a joint photo of all project participants was made.