On 31th May Opening ceremony of Office of MSU SPE student chapter was held. Interior of chapter’s office was designed with support of Schlumberger company. Office located on new territory of MSU, in Lomonosov building.

In opening ceremony representatives of Schlumberger company participated: Reservoir Management Advisor for Russia and Central Asia, Chairperson of SPE Moscow section Kreso Kurt Butula, Head of recruitment department Andrey Gerdyush, University relations coordinator Antonina Kiselkina and Engineer of technical recruitment Inessa Sdobnova. Also in event members of Board of SPE Moscow section participated – Sergey Kolbikov (Head of Reservoir Engineering Division, JSC Novatek) and Vlada Streletskaya (Assistant of rector of Gubkin State University). MSU was represented by Faculty advisor of MSU SPE student chapter, CEO of Marine research center of MSU Dmitry Korost and officers Ivan Agapitov, Victor Pankov, Tatyana Popova, Dmitry Rudchenko and Nikita Pokotilo.

By tradition ribbon was stretched near the door of new office. The honor mission to cut it and give the start for work in office was delegated to representatives of Schlumberger company Kreso Kurt Butula and Andrey Gerdyush and to President of MSU SPE student chapter Ivan Agapitov.

After cutting of ribbon guests was invited to office where Ivan Agapitov presented results of chapter’s main projects. Guests and officers of chapter discussed plans of development and participation in projects.

In the final of event Kreso Kurt Butula presented gold jetton of SPE to Nikita Pokotilo – future Secretary of MSU SPE student chapter.

MSU SPE student chapter acknowledges Schlumberger company for support in equipping of room. Both modern multimedia inventory (digital projector, laptops, PC, printer etc.) and comfortable furniture was located in office.