This Friday, December 4th, students of MSU SPE student chapter visited Schlumberger Research Center in Moscow!

A research center representative conducted a very interesting presentation about company’s values, performance and development prospects. Lately, students asked all questions they had about the presentation and the company as a whole. Then, students were presented a new model, illustrating an innovative and more reliable way of the Hydraulic fracturing technology usage, which the company already uses while Oil extraction.

The most interesting part of the visit was an excursion to the research laboratory. Students got acquainted with high-tech equipment and installations, which the company uses to assess the performance of petrophysical and geomechanical properties of the core material in laboratory conditions and under conditions close to the reservoir. Also, students talked with the laboratory workers who enthusiastically told them about the equipment they use.

The visit ended by a warm dialogue with the director of the research center Marina Bulova.

All students stayed happy that they had such an opportunity to visit the Schlumberger Research Center and observe the laboratory.